Paintings - Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor Prints

Gallery One

Interested in art work for sale?  Contact me and include the name of the work on your email. 

All smaller water color prints* are 5x7 matted to 8x10)  
Tax, shipping and handling will be added. Checks, Paypal or Cash Accepted

*Water Color Prints

 5x7 Prints come  Matted/White  8x10 
Postage Included/Additional Tax 

11x14 Pencil Portrait
For Sale
The Moment
20171102 Doodle+
9x12 Watercolor
For Sale
"Flight #1"
12x12 Wrapped canvas acrylic

One of a diptych
"Flight #2"
12x12 Wrapped canvas acrylic - One of a diptych

Pick your pattern and let's fly away!
"Flight" Diptych
2 12x12 Wrapped Canvas pieces Acrylic

18X18" Acrylic 1/2" Wrapped Canvas
Home is where the heart is...deep in Texas. Tends to prick the soul. For Sale
Shoreline Muse
18x24 Watercolor
For Sale
A Taste of Tuscany
15x22 Watercolor
For Sale
Adirondack Hike
48x48 Acrylic
Museum Canvas
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