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Mary Wyrtzen

Since I was a young girl, I have always loved to doodle and draw, loved paying attention to minute details, loved appreciating and soaking in God's creative artistry. In our early years, while my husband studied chemistry, I audited a watercolor class at Houghton College.  I began dabbling in acrylics while he attended Dallas Theological Seminary and was able to help pay for some of his tuition with panoramic paintings.  For 25 years I took a sabbatical from painting while we raised four children and were heavily involved in ministry and life in small town USA.  Several years ago, a dear friend forced me to go to a weekend artist retreat on portraiture. I had never been that interested in what seemed impossibly difficult.

But God awakened my love for painting, art and paying attention to details...being sensitive and observant of all that I see and the emotions of those I am with.  Capturing those special moments. 


One day I was inspired by a picture my son sent me of our little granddaughter, Nora, walking on the beach in Morocco.  My pencil just automatically laid down one of my favorite sketches and since then, many more have been added to the collection.

It is therapeutic and fulfilling to recreate what God has already so skillfully and graciously given to capture something of His image, of His beauty, in the people He loves.  I trust that you will also be blessed, will enjoy and possibly be able to use these images to bring comfort, joy and peace into the life of someone you love.​.

Gallery One

Make a memory last!

Creations of love
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